In-Clinic Consults

**Face to face consults are currently on hold due to the COVID 19 crisis. Online consults are still available**

My clinic space is located in Gymea, Sutherland Shire, appointments are available from 13th January 2020 and supermarket tours are available now.

What will an in-clinic consultation with me entail? 

In your initial appointment we will spend about an hour discussing what you want to share about you and your health and what you want to get out of our appointments. This is the big benefit of seeing a nutrition specialist; we have the time to work in-depth with you to address your individual health needs.

After our chat I work on an individualised treatment plan, which may include food and lifestyle suggestions, therapeutic foods and high quality supplements if necessary. My style of practice is to focus mostly on food and lifestyle, only using supplements when truly necessary. I don't believe in 'good' or 'bad' foods, strict diets or expensive 'superfoods', just a simple, affordable, wholefood based style of eating.

Virtual Consults + Home Visits

Can't make it into clinic on a Monday? No problem, I offer video chat consults and home visits, when suitable, in the Sutherland Shire area. The rates are the same as in-clinic but you can do them from the comfort of your own home.

For both online and face to face consults I recommend making sure you have a private, distraction free environment so we can really focus on you and your needs. 

Note- Some health insurers don't cover in-home or virtual consults.

Private Supermarket Tours


Supermarkets have got to be one of the most overwhelming places for people for a number of reasons. Many of us have had that moment of standing in front of the milk section completely stumped by the sheer number of choices available. Supermarkets are a firestorm of numerous marketing messages all competing for our very valuable dollars. We need to find ways of peeling away the manipulative marketing so we can find which products are actually the best for our needs. Not an easy task!

I actually somewhat enjoy grocery shopping but that may be because I have to tools to navigate them and come away with what I actually want and need. I want to share those abilities with other people to make the task of shopping less tedious and to empower people to make informed decisions about their food choices.

Things we can look at on a supermarket tour:

- The best food products for your needs

- The most economical way to buy the things on your list

- How to interpret nutrition panels and ingredient lists

- Understanding food packaging claims

- Choosing the best quality foods

- Learning about fruits and vegetables, what the less common ones are and how to cook with them

- ‘Health food’ products

- Whether it may be better to purchase some products at places other than the supermarket

- Choosing foods for different types of dietary requirements

- Plenty of question and answer time

Location: Your local Shire supermarket of choice.

Time: Weekday mornings, evenings and Saturdays. 

Included: Supermarket tour for 1-2 people (I recommend being from the same household or we’ll run out of time).

An extensive PDF summarising some of the general supermarket and food shopping tips we will discuss.

An hour to chat with a nutritionist, learn to optimize your shopping trips and ask all those nutrition questions burning a hole in your head.


Initial consultations (60-90 mins) are $120 

and briefer follow up consults (30 mins) are $75.

Supermarket Tours (60 mins) $80

As I'm an accredited Clinical Nutritionist, certain private health insurers may provide rebates of appointment costs depending on your  cover.

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